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Here is a discussion at two of the four classes at the University of The Bahamas in January 2017 after the screening of the film, Before the Trees Was Strange.

A festivals of eggs in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

A short film shot in Cannes in June 2016 using the iPhone 5s. Derek Burrows and Indrani Kopal

This short was shot in Boston using the iPhone 5s. Derek Burrows and Indrani Kopal

Seeing about Race

“Seeing About Race”

This short film offers a series of interwoven interviews in which viewers describe their reactions to and answer questions about individual photographs in the Mirror of Race project. Interviewees are encouraged to interpret the images and to construct stories about their meaning. The stories they tell serve as a mirror to reflect back to themselves their thoughts and feelings about the “other,” both historically and now, as they experience the other today.

How do we understand and change our feelings regarding the other in our history, in our private lives, and in our community? Before we can overcome the divisions engendered by the perception of difference, we have to understand and accept how we make sense of how we perceive others and, at the same time, ourselves.


“Ed Drew, Photographer”

Ed Drew grew up in Brooklyn, New York City and joined the military a month after his completion of high school. He spent the next 6 years in the active duty Air Force, from 1999 to 2005, as a jet engine mechanic.

His tour of duty began in Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas, and in 2001 he was reassigned to Yokota Air Base near Tokyo, Japan until the end of his enlistment. It was while in Japan he discovered his passion for art and an artistic aesthetic derived from the Japanese culture.After leaving Japan and active duty, he relocated to Germany where he lived for 3 years.

He travelled across much of Western Europe and parts of Eastern Europe, further developing his artistic style. In the summer of 2008 Ed finally returned to America, after a 7 year absence, and, shortly thereafter, enlisted in the Air National Guard.Ed Drew currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he attends San Francisco Art Institute full time, pursuing a BFA in Sculpture with a minor in Photography, studying under photographer Linda Connor and sculptor John Roloff.



Voice of the Turtle on the road. This short film are scenes from our various trips meeting people and listening to them sing the songs they remembered from their childhood.

Mr Nassau Bahamas-Short from derek burrows on Vimeo.

An exploration of being an immigrant in America.