Before the Trees  Was Strange Trailer from derek burrows on Vimeo.

UPDATE: FEB 2014. The trailer for the documentary is now available.

I have been working on filming and editing for the past two years and have an edited  trailer for  “Before the Trees Was Strange” documentary. Originally the title was Reflections on Race. I’m currently writing a script and most of the filming has been done.  The next step will be the finishing of the script and shopping it around to find funding to make the film. Meanwhile you can see the trailer above.

“Before the Trees Was Strange”

This film is an exploration of racial identity as Derek Burrows,  musician and storyteller explores the stories of his life growing up White in the Bahamas only to arrive Boston in the 70’s and be treated as Black. Through a series of interviews, re-enactments, digital and graphic illustration and archival footage, Derek explores the complex subject of what race means in the U.S. and within his own family.  By asking difficult questions and with the results of genetic testing Derek reveals myths and truths that challenge our understanding of race and then turn his own family upside down.

We are currently writing grants to raise enough money to make this documentary happen. If you wish to become a part of the  project please contribute by using the donate button.

UPDATE 2: PrintWe have just been awarded a pre-production grant from the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanties  to make the trailer for the documentary Before the Trees Was Strange.

UPDATE: The Kickstarter project was successful in raising the money we asked for. However the project needs more funding to be fully successful. If you wish to help please donate to support us using the donate button.

As the parent organization for “Before the Trees Was Strange,” the Mirror of Race project is a federally recognized nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers.

Written on June 6th, 2012

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Before the Trees was Strange